How to view your TCP/IP settings with netsh

I want to introduce to you a very usefull but rare used DOS command: netsh /net shell./

It is used to view your TCP/IP settings or Configure interfaces.

Go to DOS command prompt window: Start button –> Run –> type ‘cmd‘ and press OK.

In DOS, type the following: netsh interface ip show config and press Enter.

You wil see info about your network interface /Local area connection/ and your IP.

netsh shell

netsh shell

Netsh command can be used to configure your network adapter /NIC/ automatically obtain IP address from DHCP server:

netsh interface ip set address “Local Area Connection” dhcp

Also you can set the NIC dynamically obtain DNS settings:

netsh interface ip set dns “Local Area Connection” dhcp

netsh is used to change many other computer settings like routing, nat, igmp, firewall .


What is my IP

A quick way to check your IP using DOS:

Click on Start button –> Run..

Type cmd and press OK button.

The DOS window opens.

Type the following DOS command: arp -a and press Enter.

Look at the info displayed: it is something like

  Interface: — 0x10003
  Internet Address      Physical Address           Type           00-44-45-1b-d4-ad     dynamic  

Your IP is at the first row after ‘interface:’.

And your MAC /network adapter/ address is on last row: something like this 00-44-45-1b-d4-ad but with other numbers. Every MAC address is unique because it is the way server can tell one computer from another /like peoples ID on their passports/