Amber Alert on Myspace

Amber Alert  is an US Goverment program for kidnapped children.

When you see the alert “ATTENTION: There is an AMBER Alert in your area.
Please CLICK HERE to find out more information
.” it means that there is a kidnapped child in your area. You may click to see more info. The more people see this alert the bigger is chance to help. This way public gets involved in helping to spot the missing children.

How to add Amber Alert to your Myspace profile:

1. Go to your profile –>  click  Home link.

2. On your HomePage you have to find  the Application box.

3. In the Application box you click the Get Apps link.

4. Click the News & Weather category.

5. Then find the Amber Alert application and click it.

6.  You have to see  Add This App button. Click the button and Amber Alert is added to your profile.


Myspace Possible_HiFrm Virus

Myspace Possible_HiFrm Virus is detected by Trend Micro mainly in login pages.

It means this is a possible malicious software using iframes to redirect your browser.

Myspase itself is not spreading viruses. This is done by users who have put some corrupted scripts in their profiles.

If you are visiting unknown Myspace page and your anti-virus program alerts for possible virus, it  is better to leave this site immediately.

The Suspicious MySpace pages contain malicious javascripts that are detected as JS_DIRESEX.A.

The script is programmed to invisibly connect you to a pornsite. If such site which pops up unexpectedly – you have been infected.

As advice in case your computer behavies strange when visited some MS pages, you have to use pop up blocker, firewall, anti-virus programs /of course./ You have to delete temporaly Internet files and restore to earlier point.

How to Enable Javascript in Firefox and Internet Explorer

 Javascript is enabled by default in web browsers. If you for some reasons have disabled it, a message will pop when you visit pages with Javascript.

  • Here is how to enable Javascript in Firefox :

Menu  “Tools” __> “Options” __> “Content” __> “Enable JavaScript”  and OK

  • Here is how to enable Javascript  in Internet explorer:

Menu “Tools” __> “Internet Options”




Then choose “Security” tab –> “Custom Level” button.

New dialog window is opened.

Scroll down to find  “Scripting” –> “Active scripting”

Chesck  “Enable” radio button and press OK.



  • Here is How to Enable Javascript in Opera:  File menu __>  Quick Preferences –> Check Enable JavaScript –> Reload .


  • Here is How to Enable Javascript in Safari /Mac OS/                                        

From  menu –> Select Preferences  –> Security –> check Enable JavaScript __> close window  and Reload.

Internet Explorer Cannot load webpages – JRE 6u2 problem

This problem started after installing JavaStandardEdition 1 6 Development kit, with NetBeans.

IE started to crash or took too long to load webpages.

Sometimes it opens a blank page.

The problem was not in Internet Explorer but in java plugin code memory corruption.

The solution is uninstalling JRE 6u2 and downloading and installing another copy from the site.

IE7 Java Crash Problem: Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close

I received this message: Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. every time when visited a site with Java applets.

And buttons with “Send/Don’t Send error.”

In this case uninstalling Java Runtime does not help.

Uninstalling and then re-installing IE7 does not help too.

Even System Restore does not help.

The only method to resolve problem is looking in Objects folder:

Menu  Tools –> Internet Options –> Settings –> View Objects

If there is a  Oracle Jinitiator object, you have to remove it /Add/Remove programs./

Jinitiator is a Java Virtual Machine made by Oracle Corporation. It uses  plugin or an activex control.

Another method is to uninstall  Windows Live Assistant.

IE7 – how to show menu

As you know, in Internet Explorer 7 the Menu doesn’t show.

Here is a simple way to bring it back:

1 Start IE
2  Toolbar –> RightClick
3  Uncheck “Lock Toolbars ” menu
4  Check Links
5  Check MenuBar

IE7 problems “Full Screen”

How to view webpages in fullscreen /F11/ mode with Internet Explorer 7:

So you could take advantage of using fullscreen mode.

If F11 key does not work, try to press ALT+spacebar+H at once.

Be sure AutoHide option is on.

Or, try this free program: