Google involved in spreading XP Antivirus 2009 and Vista Antivirus 2009

As my last post made a hudge interest, I made a quick research regarding those trojan which has so wide spreaded.

Almost all of my search keywords are “How to remove XP Antivirus 2008

About removing of the trojan I have written before. Write to me if you have more questions or problems – I will try to help with advices.

If I dont know something, I ask Google.

And the irony in this case is Google told me that Google is was spreading malware via its AdWords links.

If you don’t know – AdWords is an advertising program of Google. They get paid to put ads in some pages and in main search results page too.

Some of those advertising links belonged to hackers. They had redirected the user who had clicked on their link to a trojan downloader page. This way many web users become infected with viruses just surfing the web.

The good news is Google have identified and canceled AdWords accounts which displayed malicious ads re-directing users to hacker sites.

More info can find at the official Google AdWords blog


Google server error



Today it happened to me!

I have never seen before Google Server having troubles. Have you?

While I was updaring my site settings, received this message: “Google Server Error”

Google Presents the Virtual World ‘Lively’

Google  yesterday launched a new virtual world called ‘Lively’ .

You can check it at

Their idea is to make social Webs more dynamic.
“The Lively team wants to help people experience another dimension of the Web,” said Google engineering manager Niniane Wang in a blog post. “We hope you will use the product to express yourself with and without words, and to do this in the places you already visit on the Web.”

Using the Lively environment requires Windows ,  Internet Explorer or Firefox, and the Lively browser plug-in which is downloaded at first visit the site.

Lively is a Google Labs project that is still in Beta version.

Google lively

Google lively

Favicons disappear problem

When you open some web pages from Favorites, you may notice their unique icons, different from the Internet Explorer generic blue ‘E’ sign.

Look for example at Google and Yahoo icons in IE addressbar:

google yahoo favicon

google yahoo favicon

Those kind of icons are called ‘favicons’ and are used as trademark to tell one website from anothers. Also they make site look special.

Google have changed their favicon a month ago with this new purple ‘g’

You can make own favicon for your website. Use any icon creation software like Microangelo .

Create your site’s icon.

Remember! Favicons always are 16×16 pixels sized and 16 colors.

Then save it as favicon.ico and put in your root site folder on the web server.

When you have marked a website as Favorite and opened from favorites folder, its icon is changed.

Sometimes there are problems with that icon.

It may disappear and change back to IE blue symbol if the site cookie has expired. It is because favicon is stored in Temporaly Internet folder.

Favicons may disappear also if you have cleaned your browser casche and deleted tis .ico file.

The solution is to store favicon in separate folder and with right mouse button to favorites properties, to tell the path to that folder.

IE bug resolved! Or how to fix Internet Explorer operation aborted

You can test if your Internet Explorer has Operation Aborted bug  by clicking on Google mail : htpp:// – if error message appears – you got it!

I wrote before that the horrible IE bug with message Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site is unbeatable. Even Microsoft don’t give a solution on their page.

I decided to make a last try to beat that error message. Because I like IE and don’t want to change it whatever others people say.

Here are the steps:

There is an option in Internet Explorer which allow us to manage add-ons.

So, follow the pictures:

In Internet Explorer menu, click Tools, then find TAb PROGRAMS, then click on MANAGE ADD-ons.. button

IE tools menu


Here is the new window opened. There are many addons IE use to open multimedia in webpages: /Skype, Flash,Java…/

Skype addon


Select one by one Skype addons and click DISABLE radiobutton.

I had SnagIt addons and decided to disable them too, but almost 99% sure the Skype is the problem here.

Then Click OK, OK again  and restart IE.

Voila !! No more Bad messages when surfing the net!!!

You may use Google mai link above to test the result.

It seems the problem is in Skype not in IE.

I saw many angry people blaming Microsoft and IE and speaking how good is Firefox. But who has no idea of how computer works, how difficult is to make a program to run, he has no right to speak about IT matters.

Please leave your feedback in case this helped to you.

Thank you for reading!

Internet explorer cannot open the internet site. Operation aborted

I receive this error message many times a day as I browse the Internet. I use IE6.

ie cannot open internet page

I did not paid attention, just reloaded the page to solve problem.

Please see the next post with solution of the problem /edited./

Yesterday  I decided to search the web for similar problems.

I was surprised to find out that it is a Microsoft IE bug, they recognised this oh their page.

But on MS pagebug  is only description and advices for the  web developers how to avoid this on their pages using CSS and JavaScripts.  No single word about IE users – what causes the problem. 

I found many web pages commenting this problem. But there were same programming solutions for developers.

Even Google mail can cause this error message! You can check this  by visiting htpp:// . If you have my IE problem, the error message will appear.

The error message makes many people to change their browsers with FF.

This seems to be one of the worst MS bugs ever!

So for my great regret I have to say – NO solution for this problem for now. /edited/

Just wait for Microsoft to release some update for it.

Edit: see the next post with solution!

New Flavor of Google Trends

Google released the new version of  Google trends . It is for determining the popularity of sertain search words for a given period. Google trends information is updated every hour.  

The data from Google Trends is available for geo regions, languages and cities. There is also a nice graph where is shown the keywords value. It is possible also an .csv file output.

The new is websities compare feature. You can write one ore more sities and compare their search activity.