Google server error



Today it happened to me!

I have never seen before Google Server having troubles. Have you?

While I was updaring my site settings, received this message: “Google Server Error”


Google Presents the Virtual World ‘Lively’

Google  yesterday launched a new virtual world called ‘Lively’ .

You can check it at

Their idea is to make social Webs more dynamic.
“The Lively team wants to help people experience another dimension of the Web,” said Google engineering manager Niniane Wang in a blog post. “We hope you will use the product to express yourself with and without words, and to do this in the places you already visit on the Web.”

Using the Lively environment requires Windows ,  Internet Explorer or Firefox, and the Lively browser plug-in which is downloaded at first visit the site.

Lively is a Google Labs project that is still in Beta version.

Google lively

Google lively

IE restrictions – how to open URL

In many schools, computer clubs and offices admins have set restrictions about using Internet explorer so people cannot browse the Internet.

Here is a simple method to open any URL:

Open any Windows program, for example calculator.exe.

Click F1 on keyboard to open the help menu.

Now click with right mouse button on titlebar.

jump to url

jump to url

Click ‘Jump to URL…’ submenu.

In the new dialog window type your web address and the webpage is opened in the right part of the help.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

– Start blogging!

As this is my first post, I want to begin with something funny.

I am in 9th class.

We have computing and ICT classes 4 times a week.

As sometimes they are booring, me and my friends love to play tricks with the teacher.

Here are some of recent jokes we ‘invented’:

  • swapping mouse with keyboard inputs and reporting a problem with them.
  • swapping mouse left/right buttons
  • setting mouse speed to max so it is impossible to open anything by click
  • before leaving, decrease monitor brightness so it becomes black and seems not working
  • make a screenshot of the desktop and set it as wallpaper. Then hide the real icons  and look someone trying to click on the wallpaper’s icons.
  • lock the keyboard with Functional keys.

Those are light jokes. We never intend to destroy something.

I respect my teacher and appreciate her sence of humor 🙂