Windows cannot find svchost.exe error message

If the following message appears:
“Windows cannot find ‘c:/windows/system/programas/svchost.exe’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.”  – this means your computer is infected by trojans, viruses or worms.
This is so called  ‘temp1.exe’  or  ‘copy.exe’ or ‘svohost.exe’ virus.
You can got infected opening an email attachment from unknown sender or from infected executable file you have downloaded.
The original Svchost.exe file is  important Windows generic host process . It works for running DLL services and is placed in folder %SystemRoot%\System32.
 The Svchost.exe process can not be stopped from TaskManager.
Because it is very important Windows file, svchost.exe is a target for many viruses and Trojans.
Worms like MSBlaster usually exploit a bug in svhost.exe.
If the worm manage to implement in the file, it causes svhost.exe to crash. Then follows a reboot and after restarting, Windows is infectes . The worm has masked itself in same folder /system32/ and has similar name.
Another sign you are infected – loosing CopyPaste functionality.

Cleaning the worm/virus is hard to do.
The best way is first to delete all the cookies and temporaly files /menu Tools –> Internet Options –> Browsing history –> Delete/
Then disable System Restore because the worm may be hidden there and waiting to attack again.

System Restore

System Restore

At the end you may use the program: ccleaner – it is popular among the ‘victims’ of that virus.
After that : use Firewall.
Install and an antivirus program.
And DO NOT open email attachments from unknown people/organisations.

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