How to close ports

When my computer becomes slow, I use to check connections established. In command prompt /Start button — Run —type  CMD — Enter/ I type command ‘netstat -a‘ and press enter.

It gives all the connections in my computer. Especcialy attention I pay to those marked as ESTABLISHED. Some of them are with my Skype friends or Internet sites I have connected.

 But if I close all the programs running /like Skype, IE, games, torrents, etc/ there are still some established connections with unknown sites in Germany, Russia, all over the world. Near them is written the port. It is known that malicious software uses higher ports number /bigger than 10000/ and ‘good’ programs use small numbered ports.

One way to close a port is to terminate the process /program/ that has opened it.  But if you don’t know the program or someone is using trojans to connect with you, the other way is to use a program to close those ports.

There are many programs for scanning and closing ports. I found this an use it from time to time. It is free. I don’t know the autors but think it is a good program for non proffessionalists like me. If you have better programs in mind, please share their URL.


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