How to check IE version

If you want to know what youir Internet Explorer version is  – click on Help menu then choose ‘About Internet Explorer’

A window is opened with full information about your browser.

about Internet Explorer

about Internet Explorer


Every program, even the famous MS Calculator or MineSweeper, has its Help Menu. And there is ‘About’ submenu where you can check the version of certain program. Also can see its autors, copyrights and other information.


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  6. But how about if the my internet explorer won’t even open?

    • Hit alt+ctrl+del to open Task Manager. Then search for Iexplorer.exe process /note – not explorer.exe :)/
      Sometimes a program stays as process and does not allow another instance to be opened. If there is an Iexplorer process – rightclick on it – close process – OK.
      After that you may open IE.

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  9. You gotta be kidding, IE version under Help>About IE?

    OK, I was joking, no offense…

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