Favicons disappear problem

When you open some web pages from Favorites, you may notice their unique icons, different from the Internet Explorer generic blue ‘E’ sign.

Look for example at Google and Yahoo icons in IE addressbar:

google yahoo favicon

google yahoo favicon

Those kind of icons are called ‘favicons’ and are used as trademark to tell one website from anothers. Also they make site look special.

Google have changed their favicon a month ago with this new purple ‘g’

You can make own favicon for your website. Use any icon creation software like Microangelo .

Create your site’s icon.

Remember! Favicons always are 16×16 pixels sized and 16 colors.

Then save it as favicon.ico and put in your root site folder on the web server.

When you have marked a website as Favorite and opened from favorites folder, its icon is changed.

Sometimes there are problems with that icon.

It may disappear and change back to IE blue symbol if the site cookie has expired. It is because favicon is stored in Temporaly Internet folder.

Favicons may disappear also if you have cleaned your browser casche and deleted tis .ico file.

The solution is to store favicon in separate folder and with right mouse button to favorites properties, to tell the path to that folder.


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