Outlook new message system tray icon not showing

Recently I had problem with my Outlook new message icon on taskbar.

The little envelope did not appear anymore when a new email arrived.

I had to check often Outlook for new emails.

The solution of the problem is easy:

Go to menu Tools.

Click on Options.



In new popup window Preferences tab /first/, click on E-mail options button.

A new dialog window is opened. Click on Advanced e-mail options… button.


outlook advanced e-mail options

outlook advanced e-mail options

Third dialog window is opened.

Find and check the checkbox ‘Show an envelope icon on system tray.’

outlook show envelope

outlook show envelope


Click OK.

Now everything is OK – the envelope appears as expected.


46 Responses

  1. very helpful.

  2. Helpful…Thanks!

  3. described solution of my issue very exactly. Thank you!

  4. It was very helpful thankx buddy

  5. Thanks a lot. Spent ages trying to fix this.

  6. thank you! very helpful indeed 🙂

  7. Perfect! That was so easy yet I along with many others did not know how to fix 🙂

  8. Thank you! Was panicking without my little envelope!

  9. Thanks a lot..
    I could not figure it …

  10. I should have found your article sooner…thanks.

  11. This is such an annoying bug. Yes, I consider it a bug. They really should consider making this a shortcut selection by right clicking on the outlook icon in the task bar. Thanks for the info, made it quick and simple to fix.

  12. My OL 2007 wont display a new mail icon when receving new mail.

    Yes that box is checked already. I’ve tried uncheckng it and checking it back – still doesnt work !!

  13. I agree with Paul: Yes that box is checked already. I’ve tried uncheckng it and checking it back – still doesnt work !!

  14. Same problem. The box is checked already. I’ve tried uncheckng it and checking it back – still doesnt work.

  15. My wife asked me about this and you were the first site I located on Google. Thanks for the awesome job!

  16. I got mine to work. I minimized Outlook and sent myself an e-mail from another account and it started working. Later I had to select “Always show” for the envelope icon in the system try (Right click on the Taskbar, select Properties, select Customize… under the Taskbar tab, Find the envelope icon and select Always show, OK, OK). At this point I am not sure if the first thing or the second was what actually did it.

  17. Perfect instructions – thank you!

  18. Awesome reply .. thanks ..

  19. Thanks a lot. The idea with the red lines is very intuitive.

  20. Thanks, very helpful

  21. Thank you

  22. Thank you very much.
    I was looking for this for a while.

  23. Even if these settings are fine . then check Start –> TakBar — > Customize — > Select ‘ Show always ‘ under unopened new mails

  24. It worked. Very helpful.

  25. Thanks buddy… 🙂

  26. Thanks!

  27. Thanks so much! Per usual the Outlook Help was useless in trying to figure this out.

  28. Many thanks that’s great! There is one more possibility, which is the chevron icon to hide or show the New Mail envelope in the system tray – easy to click on this without realising and then the envelope is hidden. The post on March 2, 2010 fixes this. Thanks mate!

  29. Thanx.. Got it

  30. I’ve been trying to figure this out for 2 days. This was exactly what i needed.

  31. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. thanks, this helped

  33. Perfect and straightforward

  34. Very helpful. Thank you. (Office 2007)

  35. Excellent. Thank you so much.

  36. Thanks so much, this was awesome 🙂

  37. Cock pushups!

  38. thanks maggot

  39. Thank you. How Microsoft of Microsoft to make it this difficult to bring back a stupid Icon.

  40. Only wanna tell that this is very useful , Thanks for taking your time to write this. ecdkcecdbdbe

  41. uecutmg

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