Google server error



Today it happened to me!

I have never seen before Google Server having troubles. Have you?

While I was updaring my site settings, received this message: “Google Server Error”


Google Presents the Virtual World ‘Lively’

Google  yesterday launched a new virtual world called ‘Lively’ .

You can check it at

Their idea is to make social Webs more dynamic.
“The Lively team wants to help people experience another dimension of the Web,” said Google engineering manager Niniane Wang in a blog post. “We hope you will use the product to express yourself with and without words, and to do this in the places you already visit on the Web.”

Using the Lively environment requires Windows ,  Internet Explorer or Firefox, and the Lively browser plug-in which is downloaded at first visit the site.

Lively is a Google Labs project that is still in Beta version.

Google lively

Google lively

Monitor flickering problem – change refresh rate

A flickering monitor is not only unpleasant to work with but it is dangerous for your health. It may causes headache, eye problems, even can provoke migraines.

Monitor flicker may affects users in the autism spectrum, including people with Asperger ‘s Syndrome. 

The problem with monitor flickering is caused of low refresh rate. It is measured in Mhz. Refresh rate has to be >75Hz.

Refresh rate depends also of screen resolution – the bigger screen resolution is – the higher refresh rate is neeed.


To change refreshrate, rightckick on empty point on your Desktop.

Then select the last menu option – Properties.

The ‘Display Properties’ window is opened:

display settings advanced

display settings advanced

Select Settings tab and click on Advanced button.

A new window pops up:

plug-and-play refresh-rate

plug-and-play refresh-rate

Here choose Monitor tab and from dropdown menu select the biggest refresh rate.

Click OK. Your refresh rate is changed.


And one more thing to try to improve performance:

Repeat steps above but instead of ‘Monitor’ tab, select Troubleshoot tab.

plug-and-play troubleshoot

plug-and-play troubleshoot

Move Hardware acceleration slider to the left and click OK.

IE message ‘Done, but with errors on page’

You may see the ‘Done, but with errors on page’ message often while browsing web pages.

It is in bottom left corner of the statusbar and has an Yellow exlamation sign.

Do not be afraid to view the site.

Actually, the message ‘Done, but with errors on page’ means that there is some javascript errors on this page. This is because of webdesigners’ errors, not your browser error.

May be some animations or some funcionallities will not work proper but site is still visible.

This is not yours problem so do not panic.

The message ‘done, but with errors on page’ will not harm your computer in no means.

The webmasters have to check their sites often and if such a message appears, it is better for them to repair javascript code.

Dangerous Trojan horses detected in your system – malware message

I think everyone has received such messages. They insist to download and install a trojan cleaning software. Instead of this, they will install other trojans, spyware and other malware on your computer.

So, NEVER click no OK neither Cancel buttons. Better fire this window from Task Manager /ALT+CTRL+DEL./

The fact you received that message is a sign you already have some kind of malicious software.

To clean it in early stage download MalwareBytes program /it is FREE/, update and make full scan.

Hope this will fix your problem.

Internet Explorer Not Responding problem resolved

If you receive that message, you may try the following 2 things.

1. You may be have too many IE windows opened – close them and try to load a page.

Also may clean the IE cache.

2. Go to registry editor: Start button –> Run –> Regedit

find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\BrowserHelper Objects

and delete all the keys /like folders/ here.

Press F5 to refresh registries.

Then try to load a webpage in IE.

Internet Explorer takes too long to load pages

If you have to wait too long until a web page is loaded in your IE browser, it may be caused of wrong LAN settings. Solution:

 Click on Start button –> Control Panel Doubleclick ‘Internet Options.’ A dialog window is opened. Click on Connections tab. Then click on LANsettings button.



In the new window UNCHECK the Automatically detect settings check box.

lan settings

Click OK and restart computer. So your browser will not attempt to detect proxy setting anymore and will load the webpages normal.