IE bug resolved! Or how to fix Internet Explorer operation aborted

You can test if your Internet Explorer has Operation Aborted bug  by clicking on Google mail : htpp:// – if error message appears – you got it!

I wrote before that the horrible IE bug with message Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site is unbeatable. Even Microsoft don’t give a solution on their page.

I decided to make a last try to beat that error message. Because I like IE and don’t want to change it whatever others people say.

Here are the steps:

There is an option in Internet Explorer which allow us to manage add-ons.

So, follow the pictures:

In Internet Explorer menu, click Tools, then find TAb PROGRAMS, then click on MANAGE ADD-ons.. button

IE tools menu


Here is the new window opened. There are many addons IE use to open multimedia in webpages: /Skype, Flash,Java…/

Skype addon


Select one by one Skype addons and click DISABLE radiobutton.

I had SnagIt addons and decided to disable them too, but almost 99% sure the Skype is the problem here.

Then Click OK, OK again  and restart IE.

Voila !! No more Bad messages when surfing the net!!!

You may use Google mai link above to test the result.

It seems the problem is in Skype not in IE.

I saw many angry people blaming Microsoft and IE and speaking how good is Firefox. But who has no idea of how computer works, how difficult is to make a program to run, he has no right to speak about IT matters.

Please leave your feedback in case this helped to you.

Thank you for reading!


20 Responses

  1. Thaks dude! You saved me!

  2. Very nice. I fixed my IE too.

  3. Great thanks ya, how couldnt this come to mind. This issue was noticed only after installing skype in my machine.

  4. This worked for me thanks.

  5. When you disable the skype add-ons does it affect the use of skype?

  6. To: Anonymous – No, it does not affect the use of Skype, only the Skype icon dissapears from the IE toolbar.

  7. It may have fixed this issue, in just this one spot, but the Operation Aborted bug is much larger than this, and has nothing to do with Skype (Skype was just helping cause it in your case)

    See here for the technical details:

    As for the not wanting to switch from IE, I understand. However you are using a browser (IE6) that is like SEVEN years old dude!

    Seriously, upgrade to IE7, or better yet to Firefox 3. Once you’ve used it for a week or two you will be kicking yourself for not upgrading sooner!

    PS I’m a developer myself, and on projects that I’m making right now, IE6 is *NOT* supported, and never will be. For developers making modern sites work in IE6 wastes too much of our time and money to fix all of Microsoft’s bugs.

    Sorry to rant, but IE6 was dead, 3 years ago.

  8. Brilliant. I found about a million sites saying this problem is due to javascript modifiying a dom element before it has closed (which I guess is what the skype plug-in is doing) but none of them hinted that the problem could be caused by a third party plugin.

    Skype need pulling up about this.

  9. Hey man thanks soooo much !!! I have been looking for this fix for a long time! It worked for me so far !

  10. Brilliant! You saved my day. Only if I got to read your post earlier. Just curious now how you found such a simple solution to fix complicated-looking problem..

  11. Thanks I’ve been searching for a solution to this for quite some time now, only thing is I don’t even use Skype. I just found out that I had 3 java plugins (DLL files), 2 which were outdated so I disabled them and voila!

  12. Hey Paul,

    Thanks for the heads up on that, just out of curiousity… how did you troubleshoot to get to your deduction regarding obsolete DLL’s?

    Halo 🙂

  13. I agree with Jason though, this is an IE6+7 bug inherently about the DOM modification. This came up on our corprate sharepoint website, and the issue was related to MooTools where it was adding a DOM modification to the page “load” event and sometimes when the document was not ready, the “Operation Aborted” would be displayed. NOTE: We used Visual Studio debugger to determine the error.

  14. o.o their’s a site that i like to use… and lately, i haven’t been able to enter into the chatroom because it’ll say, internet explorer operation aborted… so i googled an answer and then i followed your instructions and… it still won’t let me into the chatroom… i disabled my skype plug ins and ya… i don’t know why it won’t let me into the chatroom… any advice or suggestions???

  15. Thank you for posting this situation. But like many other people have stated, this specific situation might help others, but not everyone with the “operation aborted” issue. Nonetheless, in my situation, similar to this one, I found that the plug-in that caused the pop-up is “AVG safe search”. In the past, I just used google chrome or Firefox to avoid this issue, but now that I saw this, I disabled each plug-in at a time to figure out the cause, so for others that have the same issue, it might not be skype for you, but this solution provided here gets you on the right track. So just disabled all of your plug-ins to make sure that’s the core of the issue, and then one at a time to figure out which of the plug-in is the source.

  16. I’ve got this same problem, but I don’t even have the Skype add-on! I don’t know what to do and I can’t even load Facebook, please help me! 😦

  17. No, it doesn’t solve any problem. We cannot just disable the compnent that we have. My IE doesn’t have Skype but something else and I don’t want to disable it. We need to find a real solution.

  18. i follow your step but step 2 i click at manage add-on but i didnt see the skype addon anywhere i still cant fix it what should i do

  19. omg THANK YOU soooo much!! I have been strugling with this now for a week when I came across this and fixed it in like 2 minutes! Fyi, I didn’t see the skype one but I enabled the other stuff and it worked great. I’m not sure how it got disabled but whatever it works. Even the cable guy couldn’t figure this out.

  20. superb……thanks

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