IE bug resolved! Or how to fix Internet Explorer operation aborted

You can test if your Internet Explorer has Operation Aborted bug  by clicking on Google mail : htpp:// – if error message appears – you got it!

I wrote before that the horrible IE bug with message Internet Explorer cannot open the Internet site is unbeatable. Even Microsoft don’t give a solution on their page.

I decided to make a last try to beat that error message. Because I like IE and don’t want to change it whatever others people say.

Here are the steps:

There is an option in Internet Explorer which allow us to manage add-ons.

So, follow the pictures:

In Internet Explorer menu, click Tools, then find TAb PROGRAMS, then click on MANAGE ADD-ons.. button

IE tools menu


Here is the new window opened. There are many addons IE use to open multimedia in webpages: /Skype, Flash,Java…/

Skype addon


Select one by one Skype addons and click DISABLE radiobutton.

I had SnagIt addons and decided to disable them too, but almost 99% sure the Skype is the problem here.

Then Click OK, OK again  and restart IE.

Voila !! No more Bad messages when surfing the net!!!

You may use Google mai link above to test the result.

It seems the problem is in Skype not in IE.

I saw many angry people blaming Microsoft and IE and speaking how good is Firefox. But who has no idea of how computer works, how difficult is to make a program to run, he has no right to speak about IT matters.

Please leave your feedback in case this helped to you.

Thank you for reading!


Internet explorer cannot open the internet site. Operation aborted

I receive this error message many times a day as I browse the Internet. I use IE6.

ie cannot open internet page

I did not paid attention, just reloaded the page to solve problem.

Please see the next post with solution of the problem /edited./

Yesterday  I decided to search the web for similar problems.

I was surprised to find out that it is a Microsoft IE bug, they recognised this oh their page.

But on MS pagebug  is only description and advices for the  web developers how to avoid this on their pages using CSS and JavaScripts.  No single word about IE users – what causes the problem. 

I found many web pages commenting this problem. But there were same programming solutions for developers.

Even Google mail can cause this error message! You can check this  by visiting htpp:// . If you have my IE problem, the error message will appear.

The error message makes many people to change their browsers with FF.

This seems to be one of the worst MS bugs ever!

So for my great regret I have to say – NO solution for this problem for now. /edited/

Just wait for Microsoft to release some update for it.

Edit: see the next post with solution!

CD DVD disappear problem resolved

Many people had had this problem with optical devices: when look in MyComputer, the CD and DVD drives missing.

Instead of panic, here are two solutions:

1. Click on Start button  ->Run   and Type Regedit   then press enter.

The Registry editor is opened.

Some words about Windows Registry – this is a place when Windows ‘remembers’ all your settings so when you restart the computer they are exactly as you had set before. This way it remembers your desktop wallpaper, screensaver, screen resolution, taskbar and startmenu settings, mouse speed settings, which programs to run at startup and many many others things you have changed.

But Registry is a place when all the programs and hardware drivers installed write their settings too.

When CD or DVD registry settings are changed or removed by some progtam you have used, Windows cannot guess and do not shows in My Computer.

So if you are in the registry editor, work very carefully and watch not to delete some other program’s registries by mistake.

First, find the following: 

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM \CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}  and delete it!

Then open Notepad and copy-paste this text:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}]




Then save as CDrepair.reg  /be sure you choose ‘all files’ from Notepad dropdown when asked for file name and path./

If file is saved as .reg it has a green icon – this way you can tell it from text file if saved by mistake as .txt

Doubleclick on it . A dialog appears – click OK – because you want to import that values in registry.

That’s all. Restart and if you are lucky the, CD drives will be on their place.



2. If you don’t dare to play with registry, just take this program and run it. It does all that stuff instead you.


And one advice: clicking on unknoun or dubious .reg files is sometimes dangerous. So if you receive them by mail or Skype from strangers, better open first with Notepad to see what exactly are they doing. Otherwice you may harm your computer.


Start menu quick cleanup

My start menu is full with programs I do not use. It spreads over all the screen and goes out.

It is possible to delete unused programs with right mouse button –> delete but there is a faster way:

Go to C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Start Menu\Programs

Here you can find the programs installed and delete those you don’t want to appear in start menu.

How to Remove Help and Support from Start Menu

I don’t like ‘Help and Support’ option in my Start menu as I often click it by mistake.

It is easy to remove it:

Right mouse button on Start button –> Properties.

The window “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties” appears. Choose “Start Menu” tab.

Click “Customize…” button.

Then “Advanced” tab.

In the list find “Help and Support” checkbox and uncheck it.

Click OK button and Voila! No help anymore!

startmenu help

Security alerts

Every time I start Windows, a message in baloon pops up in taskbar. This is Microsoft Security Center alert. It reminds me that my computer may be in risk and I need to turn my firewall/antivirus protection on.

How to fire this alert:

Go to Control panel -> Secutity Center -> Change the way security center alerts me -> uncheck the box you want not to disturb you / firewall, automatic updates or virus protection./