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As this is my first post, I want to begin with something funny.

I am in 9th class.

We have computing and ICT classes 4 times a week.

As sometimes they are booring, me and my friends love to play tricks with the teacher.

Here are some of recent jokes we ‘invented’:

  • swapping mouse with keyboard inputs and reporting a problem with them.
  • swapping mouse left/right buttons
  • setting mouse speed to max so it is impossible to open anything by click
  • before leaving, decrease monitor brightness so it becomes black and seems not working
  • make a screenshot of the desktop and set it as wallpaper. Then hide the real icons  and look someone trying to click on the wallpaper’s icons.
  • lock the keyboard with Functional keys.

Those are light jokes. We never intend to destroy something.

I respect my teacher and appreciate her sence of humor 🙂